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Image by Giorgio Trovato


hair rebel workbook

In 2019 I created my first ever planner. I made it for me because I wanted ONE place to keep track of my goals, my tasks, and my day to day life. Over the last few years I have played with and perfected that planner in what is today the hair rebel WORKBOOK.

Inside this beautiful workbook you'll find your year broken down into three month chunks with space to track numbers, create actionable tasks to move your business forward, and (my personal favorite) unmarked calendars so you can start whenever your heart desires.

Initially, this workbook was designed as a tool as part of my one on one mentoring program, but I am so proud to announce that it is now available as a stand alone product via Amazon! Click the button below to purchase the last planner you'll ever use. If you want a little support on your journey,  read on to learn more about my mentoring programs.

One - on - One Mentoring

Whether you're a business owner, independent stylist, or commission stylist this three month mentoring program is designed to guide you through all the ins and outs of running your business to its fullest potential. The program is tailored to you, with focus on what you need the most. We start with a deep dive into where your business has been and where it is now and create tasks together to help you achieve your goals.

This program costs $300 for 90 days of mentoring and includes a workbook.

Small Group Coaching

Designed for small salon teams or groups of up to 4 hairstylists, this monthly coaching program dives deep into teamwork, technical skills, marketing and goal setting. 

This program starts at $80 per month for the entire group and includes a workbook.

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