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Modern education for all levels of stylist.

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Marketing that's as unique as you are.

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Consulting for salon owners, teams, and independent stylists.


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Meditation designed for stylists, by stylists.

Yoga Mat

Yoga-centric exercises specifically for hairstylists.

Mexcian Food

Meal plans for busy stylists.



After 20+ years in the hair industry, I have done just about everything. I've been a commission stylist, booth renter, and suite owner. I've worked on photoshoots, runway shows, TV sets, weddings, theater and of course in salon. But by far my favorite role is as a mentor, educator, and coach.

I aim to bring a customized approach to all of my education that truly brings the best out in YOUR business. My coaching style isn't a one size fits all approach, and with all of my certifications I can back up everything I say and do with my own education.

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