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The Hair Rebel Blogs

Well, usually I tend to do things differently, but when something works I will (on occasion) jump on the bandwagon. You see, being a rebel isn't always going against the grain. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's also about recognizing what can help you achieve your goals...even if everyone else is doing it.

Social Media vs. Website Blog

I've spent the last year(ish) really focusing on my social media; publishing content daily (almost) and writing captions, creating how to videos for YouTube & IGTV, and letting my followers get to know me in my stories. But there's only so much that can be accomplished on social media. Ten second stories, 1 minute videos (if anyone even watches that long), and a couple paragraphs at best in a caption. It's been a fun exercise in "cutting out the crap." But I feel I have more to offer. I've been a hairstylist for nearly 14 years now, and I've learned SO much beyond just how to do hair. I feel in my heart I have to get it out there, and if it only helps one person (maybe it's you!!) then it'll be worth it.

My Blogging Goals

It's so true that I could just repost all of my Instagram and Facebook and YouTube content into my blog and be set for at least a year's worth of posts. But I don't want that for my blog. I want to be a source of inspiration for both industry and non-industry people. I want to show the world that hairstylists are more than the stereotype that precedes us (dumb, uneducated, bimbo, alcoholic, partier, druggie, just another pretty face...the list goes on). I want to make a difference in our industry. When I'm old and retired, I want to have left a legacy for my son to follow (cue tears). I want to be the rebel that changes the way we do things.

So, if you believe in me, or even if you don't, subscribe to my blog. Keep reading. And keep rebelling.

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