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Summer 2019 Hair Trends

An interesting thing has started happening with hair this summer....we're going straight again! I think the shag cut and shorter bobs of the Spring really has played into this. These aren't really cuts that handle artificial curls well, unless you like a slightly less streamlined look (I do, but that's me).

When a shag or short bob cut has curls added, either with a flat iron or curling iron, it tends to add more "flips" to the bottom of the hair, rather than being sleeker and straighter. To combat that, at first, we weren't curling the hair as much. Just a little bend in the middle and then clamp all those ends with a flat iron and try to force them to go straight. But let's face it....that's way too time consuming in the midst of summer when you're traveling here and there and trying to beat the exhausting summer heat. So, straight is easier for a lot of people.

Anyway, that's why I think it's a trend again...check out these photos for a little hair inspiration!

Who wants to deal with curls when you're busy catching the breeze off the cliffs?? Not me.

Long hair can get in on the straight action, too!

Even with the straighter looks, a little hint of curl can still be found.

Adding a subtle bend to the ends of hair can make your straight 'do instantly more professional.

Don't have naturally straight hair? No worries. You can still rock that bob with your own texture! Just use a little salt spray to get that I've-just-spent-a-month-at-the-beach vibe and air dry.

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