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One Week, No Shampoo

Yes, it's possible! Before we get to the juicy video parts of this blog, let me tell you why exactly it's bad to shampoo your hair every single day...

It strips vital moisture from your hair and scalp.

Your hair needs sebum (oil) to be healthy. In fact, over shampooing can actually cause you to become "greasier" because your sebum glands are trying to play catch up from constantly being shampooed away.

With the oil, so goes the color, too.

Anyone who has ever colored their hair knows that the more you shampoo the faster color fades. Permanent hair color doesn't actually mean the color itself stays exactly the same. Permanent refers to the chemical change that happens to the hair on a molecular level. By adding the chemicals in hair color to the hair, the bonds are broken and reformed in a way that can never return to your normal hair. So yeah, protect that color by stretching out those shampoos!

There are always exceptions...

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. If you work out on the regular and get super duper sweaty, absolutely shampoo your hair (actually, the Analog I mention in my video is AWESOME for your gym bag, and gentle on hair)! If you spend the day in and out of the pool or ocean, yep...definitely shampoo out that chlorine or salt water. There are tons of products on the market specifically for these instances, so definitely plan ahead! Or if you have a scalp condition and your doctor has specifically said you need to shampoo more often, then please listen to your doctor.

No more's the video that will change your life!

The Product Lowdown:

Olaplex No. 3: Dramatically improve hair health, texture, and strength with our at-home bond building treatment.

Olaplex No. 4: Repair bonds while gently cleansing all types of hair. Impart moisture, strength, and manageability with every wash.

Olaplex No. 5: Restores, repairs, and hydrates without adding excess weight. Eliminates damaged frizz for strong, healthy, shiny hair.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment: Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE.

R+Co Rodeo Star: Instantly add density and lift to your hair. Natural-feeling and non-sticky formula.

Good for giving dramatic volume to fine to medium hair of any length.

R+Co Death Valley: This dry shampoo absorbs extra oil and adds texture for an untamed look.

EiMi Thermal Image: Protects hair from hot tools up to 425F

EiMi Stay Styled: Craft and finish any style with this strong versatile spray. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of humidity, UV and heat.

R+Co Analog: Weightless softening and conditioning. A classic go-to for frizz reduction, nourishment and shine. Great for all hair types.

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