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More Than Just A Hairstylist

Everyone knows that when you find your forever stylist it's about so much more than just hair. We're a little bit like friends, but not quite. We're a little bit like therapists, but not quite. We have the ability to listen, commiserate, and help you look like the best version of yourself.

The most amazing thing about being a hairstylist is forming some pretty awesome relationships. I have clients that have been with me for double digit years (WOW), and it seems like we know each other better than our own families sometimes! We've celebrated engagements & weddings, babies, new jobs, weight loss, graduations, puppies, kittens, that amazing new jacket you walked in wearing, shopping secrets, and so much more.

The worst part about being a stylist is forming relationships with my clients. As much as I live for the happy times, there's also the not-so-happy times, too. There's break-ups, death, job loss. I love my clients so much that I sit there and cry right beside them. My heart hurts for them like it would for any of my dearest friends or family. A few weeks ago I had a client open up to me about her alcoholism. I literally had to stop cutting her hair because I couldn't see through the tears in my eyes. Last week there was news of yet another client with cancer. Another who nearly died because of sepsis. Another who had her second miscarriage in the months since I saw her last. A cheating spouse. Being laid off from a dream job. One time I woke up early in the morning with a particular client on my mind, only to find out days later that she had passed away on that very morning she crossed my thoughts.

I always say that when you cross into someone's "bubble" your relationship immediately changes. By physically placing your hand on someone, even if it is just their hair, it creates a sense of intimacy that doesn't exist with the majority. I mean, think about it. Who do you allow into your bubble? For most of us it's our family and our friends and that's it. However, we as stylists get the privilege to cross that invisible line; to be chosen to become a confidant. It's pretty freaking amazing when you think about it. I am always so incredibly humbled and honored when clients choose to share their story with me. To those who read this who have shared, thank you. You'll never truly know how much it means to me to have earned your trust in that way. To those who read this who have yet to sit in my chair, thank you for considering me to be part of your inner circle. And to my fellow stylists who are reading this (I know you are!), stay humbled by your client's stories. They've chosen you to be a special person in their life, and that goes way beyond your hair cutting/coloring/styling abilities. Welcome them. Listen to them. Hug them if that's your thing (Hi, I'm Cerissa and I'm a hugger). But most importantly, thank them for opening up to you.

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