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Master Color Expert

I've been a licensed hairstylist for about 13 years. I've been coloring my own hair since middle school. Between the two I think I've probably encountered just about every hair color situation possible. I've seen hair on chemo patients turn peach (no joke), I've seen hair fall out from over processing, mineral build up, and box color (the hair doesn't lie), I've experienced difficult clients (and of course a multitude of easy ones). I've taught hair color to salons and peers (which is way more challenging than it sounds). But throughout all of it, I still love color!

In most states, the State Board of Cosmetology doesn't recognize a master license. However, there are continuing education programs out there that offer extremely advanced education and certification as a Master Color Expert. Although I do already consider myself an expert in hair color, I made the decision to take one of these classes. So, beginning in late January, I'll be on a 4 month journey to becoming a Wella Master Color Expert! I'll be part of the first class that's entirely online. I'll have the opportunity to chat one on one with some of the biggest names in the hair color industry. And (hopefully), I'll push myself to become an even better colorist.

I firmly believe that one can never know everything, so education is a HUGE part of what I do. Finding advanced education at this stage in my career is sometimes difficult, but with technology so many more doors have been opened.

So, here's to 2019 and learning LOTS. I'll be touching base each month about the process and how it goes!

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