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Hair How To: Flat Iron Curls

Flat iron curls are nothing new, and even making a slight comeback. I love my flat iron for the versatility it gives me when styling hair. It's for sure the most used hot tool that I own, both at home on my own hair and in the salon with my clients. Watch my video below to get all the specifics on how to get those perfect curls every time!

Key points to take away:
  • Products are key! At the very least you need a thermal protecting product to put on your hair before you flat iron and a finishing product to use after to hold your style.

  • Let the curls cool!!! I can't stress this enough! If you pull out your curls while they are still warm the WILL fall. The heat from the iron breaks a certain type of bond in the hair that is only reformed when the hair is cool.

  • Section, section, section. It doesn't matter how much hair you have, sectioning will be your friend. Working from the bottom up allows you to see each area as you go.

Did you learn anything watching this video? Tell me in the comments!! And tag me @hairrebelbaltimore on social media when you wear your hair like this so I can celebrate in your success!

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