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Blonde is in the Air!

It's officially Spring, and that could only mean one thing: BLONDE!! As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, our hair gets lighter. Some of us get lighter naturally, but for those of us who don't...well, thank goodness for hair color!! Read on for a few key points to keep in mind if going blonde is on your agenda this Spring & Summer.

Be Realistic

It's really easy these days to hop on social media and see some really amazing looking blondes. But if your hair is currently dark, especially if it's been dyed that color, keep in mind that it will likely take 3-4 sessions to get your hair to your dream blonde.

Have A Maintenance Plan

This is a super important piece to communicate with your stylist. If your budget or your schedule won't allow you to be in the salon every 4 weeks, being all over blonde may not be the best choice for you. Opt instead for an off-the-root balayage for a natural "sun-kissed" look that will last you all summer long.

Take Care of Your Hair

Blonde hair gets dry, it gets brassy, and it has a tendency to be much more fragile that non-lightened hair. Your at home hair routine is critical if you want to be blonde! You'll probably want to start stretching the between time from shampoo to shampoo, as well as using a super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Specially formulated "purple" shampoos can also supplement your hair regimen to keep hair bright and not brassy.

Share your blonde makeovers with me in the comments!!

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