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How MCE Changed Me

As young hairstylists we're all taught the same thing. Take this section for highlights. Do this for all over color. Don't break the rules.

Toni & Guy is one of the leading stylist education companies in the world, offering everything from the most basic to the most advanced education.

Then we become stylists and take more classes and learn new things and we try to figure out how these new ways of doing things fit into the sectioning that we learned when we first started out.

If we're lucky, that continues to evolve into creating our own techniques. For me, this happened during my Master Color Expert certification. I no longer approach color with the same eyes, or even same techniques. I've made my own techniques, and the ideas just keep coming. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, but long as there's hair on your head we can fix it!

My last post I wrote all about the different kind of highlighting services that exist today. And while I do use those terms to help explain what I'm doing to my clients, I also stopped using them to define what I'm doing. Instead I've started really looking at the person in my chair - what color are her eyes & skin? What is she wearing and what does this say about her? Does she want to come back to the salon for a touch up every 4 weeks, or is she more of the every 4 month type of person? Where should I place the color to bring out her best feature? - all of this offers true customization. I don't know if I would have ever gotten to this point without this class. And the craziest thing about it all is that I wasn't even sure if I'd learn anything at all by taking this course.

I guess my point is this - education is key to evolving our mind. It can change the way you think about things. Even if you've approached something the same way for over a decade, it is still possible to grow in your craft, whatever that may be.

Happy learning everyone! Comment below and let me know what education journey has changed the way you think!

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