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Meet the Products of Rebel Salon & Wellness

2024 UPDATE:

For anyone that knows me you know that I am an ingredient SNOB. The personal care industry has very little government regulations, allowing the major businesses in the industry to essentially police themselves (and it's not the only industry like that, but that's another tangent for another day). Over the years mass manufacturers of personal products such as shampoos, conditioners, skincare, and the like went the way of using cheap synthetic ingredients in the name of profit. These ingredients wreak havoc on the environment and on our bodies. The U.S. is among the worst in the world when it comes to harmful product usage, unfortunately.

Years ago, I made a decision to only use products that are tested and formulated to standards set in the EU knowing that they carry much stricter regulations than here. And while I do still stand by that, I also recognize that boutique brands have made every effort to mimic those standards here in the U.S. and some are actually really really good.

Over the years I've changed my products many times because I'm always looking at what's new and how it pushes us forward in a healthy way. Sometimes that is environmental and sometimes it's for the health of our hair, skin, and overall body system. Did you know it takes less than 30 seconds for things you put on your skin to absorb into your bloodstream? Studies have shown harmful ingredients from cleaning supplies in breastmilk, and have linked many of these ingredients to various forms of cancer. I don't know about you, but I'll pass on that.

During the start of the Covid pandemic I did a deep dive into cleaning products that are better for bodies but still get the job done of disinfecting (hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid among the best). I also became a certified green salon during that time.

Now, I'm at it again. For years I've known that fragrance is the top allergen in personal care products, with added fragrance having the added bonus of also being the top carcinogenic ingredient in most products (insert sarcastic eye roll). However, the hair industry hadn't caught up with products that were fragrance free and also performed, so I did the best I could with minimizing added fragrance.

Enter 2024: the amount of quality products on the market for professionals has drastically increased and I've spent the last few months testing them out. Over the next few months I'm going to be transitioning to an entirely fragrance free salon. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and even the hair color I use will be changing. I will no longer be burning candles in the salon, and with my travel schedule I aim to pop up in salons that have a similar belief in the product world.

Here's the new product line up:

SEEN hair care was formulated by a local dermatologist in Bethesda, MD. It's won all kinds of awards from top beauty and medical magazines and is finally a fragrance free product that offers a sense of luxury.

With products ranging from shampoo & conditioner to scalp care and an amazing blow out cream, I'm positive this line is going to be a hit with clients. It's already becoming my own personal go-to in the shower.

Look for this to become available mid-2024.

With as much as I love SEEN, it is a relatively small line so I began a search for a line that had a more inclusive line up akin to what you would traditionally find in a salon.

Four Reasons No Nothing is that product line. It has the most amazing dry shampoo as well as sub-lines for targeting common hair problems like volume and moisture.

It was created by stylists, which I love, and has a super affordable price tag. Look for Four Reasons No Nothing to launch Spring 20204.

And last but not least, the hair color product makeover goes to Duomo Pro. Made in Italy and named after the Italian Duomo this line is luxurious and so beautiful both in packaging and on the hair. Created and formulated by one of the top colorists in the industry, Wendy Bond, this color is not only fragrance free but it's also ammonia free, phthalate free, and adheres to strict European health guidelines. I began the transition of my color in December, so if you see me for color you'll probably have this on your head!

Here's to a healthy 2024. Look forward to seeing you soon!


Original Post 7/14/2020

Choosing products can be incredibly overwhelming. There are SO MANY brands to choose from, and there isn't just one "right" answer. So how does one go about choosing brands for their salon?


When searching for products to carry in my salon, the first narrowing down factor was what does it look like? Will the products look good on the shelf? I know that this seems like an insignificant feature, but it's really the most important marketing feature. Think about how many times you've chosen a hair product, makeup, clothing, food brands, etc. just for how the packaging looks. I'd be willing to bet it's a lot!


The next thing I looked for was my "WIIFM" (what's in it for me). Is there education, referral programs, rewards, affiliate programs? How is it purchased - online? direct? sales rep? distributor? How long does it take to get to me? Is the shipping cost high or low? Minimum purchases? Where else is it available? This is a lengthy list to be sure, and a very important one. I would never choose a brand that didn't want to tell me how it works; after all, I am my client's educator when it comes to hair care so I have to know what I'm talking about.


Many of my clients know that I'm an ingredient snob. I am so invested in reading ingredients, labels, and knowing what's inside the bottle. Sometimes it's more important to know what's not inside the bottle - like harsh sulfates, carcinogenic parabens, allergens, or animal tested ingredients.


Naturally, whether or not a product works is critical to any stylist. However, it doesn't rank as number one simply because there are so many fantastic products on the market these days. That said, the three brands I've chosen for my suite have literally blown me away with how well they work...and that isn't an easy feat.


And of course, the all important smell factor! The way a product smells is more than just the experience; odors can stay in hair for several hours, and no one wants to be stuck with a smell they don't like.



The exclusive LEAF & FLOWER™ CBD Corrective Complex elicits an entourage effect by combining key cannabinoids under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to preserve efficacy and deliver instant results for all hair types- making hair stronger and more predictable with continued use.


IN COMMON is an INclusive luxury hair care treatment brand that’s undeniably shareable. Rooted in common ground, truth and free spirit, our formulations are derived from a place of authenticity and innovation to create better-for-you products that instantly transform hair and magnify your natural glow. Because you're more than just a hair type.


Worry free hair care. Gluten, sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free, our vegan formulations start in a base of coconut water. We’ve “cleaned” up haircare. Unconditional & uncomplicated, Aluram is the new norm for beauty.

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